Order Summary for Perciformes

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Perciformes perch-likes
  Sister Order
Pleuronectiformes 15 M years
  First Fossil Record
late Tertiary
  Occurs in
Largest order of fishes. Most families in many suborders are not currently definable in terms of shared derived characters and thus may not be monophyletic. Most perciforms are marine shore fishes, while about 2,000 species (e.g. cichlids) normally occur only in freshwater, and about 2,200 species occur in freshwater for at least part of their life history.
Greek aktis = ray, thunderbolt, beam + Greek pterygion, diminutive of pteryx = wing, fin. Ref. 45335.
Greek, perke = perch + Latin, forma = shape (Ref. 45335).
( n = 156 ) -
Acanthuridae Acropomatidae Amarsipidae Ambassidae Ammodytidae Anabantidae Anarhichadidae Aplodactylidae Apogonidae Ariommatidae Arripidae Artedidraconidae Badidae Banjosidae Bathyclupeidae Bathydraconidae Bathymasteridae Bembropidae Blenniidae Bovichtidae Bramidae Caesionidae Callanthiidae Callionymidae Caproidae Carangidae Caristiidae Centracanthidae Centrarchidae Centrogenyidae Centrolophidae Centropomidae Cepolidae Chaenopsidae Chaetodontidae Champsodontidae Channichthyidae Channidae Cheilodactylidae Cheimarrichthyidae Chiasmodontidae Chironemidae Cichlidae Cirrhitidae Clinidae Coryphaenidae Creediidae Cryptacanthodidae Dactyloscopidae Datnioididae Dichistiidae Dinolestidae Dinopercidae Draconettidae Drepaneidae Echeneidae Elassomatidae Eleginopsidae Eleotridae Embiotocidae Emmelichthyidae Enoplosidae Ephippidae Epigonidae Gempylidae Gerreidae Girellidae Glaucosomatidae Gobiidae Grammatidae Haemulidae Hapalogenyidae Harpagiferidae Helostomatidae Howellidae Icosteidae Inermiidae Istiophoridae Kraemeriidae Kuhliidae Kurtidae Kyphosidae Labridae Labrisomidae Lactariidae Lateolabracidae Latidae Latridae Leiognathidae Leptobramidae Leptoscopidae Lethrinidae Lobotidae Lutjanidae Luvaridae Malacanthidae Menidae Microdesmidae Monodactylidae Moronidae Mullidae Nandidae Nematistiidae Nemipteridae Niphonidae Nomeidae Nototheniidae Odacidae Odontobutidae Opistognathidae Oplegnathidae Osphronemidae Ostracoberycidae Parascorpididae Pempheridae Pentacerotidae Percichthyidae Percidae Perciliidae Percophidae Pholidae Pholidichthyidae Pinguipedidae Plesiopidae Polycentridae Polynemidae Polyprionidae Pomacanthidae Pomacentridae Pomatomidae Priacanthidae Pristolepididae Pseudaphritidae Pseudochromidae Ptereleotridae Ptilichthyidae Rachycentridae Rhyacichthyidae Scaridae Scatophagidae Schindleriidae Sciaenidae Scombridae Scombrolabracidae Scombropidae Scytalinidae Serranidae Siganidae Sillaginidae Sinipercidae Sparidae Sphyraenidae Stichaeidae Stromateidae Symphysanodontidae Terapontidae Tetragonuridae Thalasseleotrididae Toxotidae Trachinidae Trichiuridae Trichodontidae Trichonotidae Tripterygiidae Uranoscopidae Xenisthmidae Xiphiidae Zanclidae Zaproridae Zoarcidae

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