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Family: Haemulidae Grunts

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134 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Anisotremus caesius Silvergrey grunt Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1882
Anisotremus davidsonii Xantic sargo Eastern Central Pacific 58 TL 1876
Anisotremus interruptus Burrito grunt Eastern Pacific 51 TL 1862
Anisotremus moricandi Brownstriped grunt West Atlantic 15.1 SL 1842
Anisotremus scapularis Peruvian grunt Eastern Pacific 40 TL 1846
Anisotremus surinamensis Black margate Western Atlantic 76 TL 1791
Anisotremus taeniatus Panama porkfish Eastern Pacific 31 TL 1861
Anisotremus virginicus Porkfish Western Atlantic 40.6 TL 1758
Boridia grossidens Borriqueta porgy Southwest Atlantic. 19.2 NG 1830
Brachydeuterus auritus Bigeye grunt Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1832
Conodon macrops Lemoneye grunt Southeast Pacific 30 TL 1946
Conodon nobilis Barred grunt Western Atlantic 33.6 TL 1758
Conodon serrifer Armed grunt Eastern Pacific 34 TL 1882
Diagramma centurio Sailfin rubberlip Western Indian Ocean 100 SL 1830
Diagramma labiosum Indo-West Pacific 90 TL 1883
Diagramma melanacrum Blackfin slatey Western Central Pacific 45 SL 2001
Diagramma pictum Painted sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 100 FL 1792
Diagramma punctatum Indo-West Pacific 33.5 SL 1830
Emmelichthyops atlanticus Bonnetmouth Western Atlantic 13 TL 1945
Genyatremus cavifrons Southwest Atlantic 12.6 1830
Genyatremus dovii Spotted head sargo Eastern Pacific 45 TL 1864
Genyatremus luteus Torroto grunt Western Atlantic 37 TL 1790
Genyatremus pacifici Carruco sargo Eastern Pacific 35 TL 1864
Haemulon album White margate Western Atlantic 79 TL 1830
Haemulon aurolineatum Tomtate grunt Western Atlantic 25 TL 1830
Haemulon bonariense Black grunt Western Atlantic 40 TL 1830
Haemulon boschmae Bronzestripe grunt Western Atlantic 19 TL 1919
Haemulon californiensis Californian salema Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1876
Haemulon carbonarium Caesar grunt Western Atlantic 36 TL 1860
Haemulon chrysargyreum Smallmouth grunt Western Atlantic 23 TL 1859
Haemulon flaviguttatum Yellowspotted grunt Eastern Pacific 42 TL 1862
Haemulon flavolineatum French grunt Western Atlantic 30 TL 1823
Haemulon macrostomum Spanish grunt Western Atlantic 43 TL 1859
Haemulon maculicauda Spottail grunt Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1862
Haemulon melanurum Cottonwick grunt Western Atlantic 33 TL 1758
Haemulon parra Sailor's grunt Western Atlantic 41.2 TL 1823
Haemulon plumierii White grunt Western Atlantic 53 TL 1801
Haemulon schrankii Southwest Atlantic 1831
Haemulon sciurus Bluestriped grunt Western Atlantic 46 TL 1803
Haemulon scudderii Grey grunt Eastern Pacific 35 TL 1862
Haemulon serrula Western Central Atlantic 1830
Haemulon sexfasciatum Greybar grunt Eastern Central Pacific 71 TL 1862
Haemulon squamipinna Southwest Atlantic 11.5 SL 1999
Haemulon steindachneri Chere-chere grunt Western Atlantic 30 TL 1882
Haemulon striatum Striped grunt Western Atlantic 28 TL 1758
Haemulon vittatum Boga Western Atlantic 23 TL 1860
Haemulopsis axillaris Yellowstripe grunt Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1869
Haemulopsis corvinaeformis Roughneck grunt Western Atlantic 25 TL 1868
Haemulopsis elongatus Elongate grunt Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1879
Haemulopsis leuciscus Raucous grunt Eastern Pacific 45.7 TL 1864
Haemulopsis nitidus Shining grunt Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1869
Isacia conceptionis Cabinza grunt Southeast Pacific 60 TL 1830
Microlepidotus brevipinnis Humpback grunt Eastern Central Pacific 40 TL 1869
Microlepidotus inornatus Wavyline grunt Eastern Central Pacific 45 TL 1862
Orthopristis cantharinus Sheephead grunt Eastern Central Pacific 38 TL 1840
Orthopristis chalceus Brassy grunt Eastern Pacific 45 TL 1864
Orthopristis chrysoptera Pigfish Western Atlantic 46 SL 1766
Orthopristis forbesi Southeast Pacific 30.5 SL 1897
Orthopristis lethopristis Scalyfin grunt Southeast Pacific 23.8 SL 1889
Orthopristis reddingi Bronze-striped grunt Eastern Central Pacific 29.8 FL 1895
Orthopristis ruber Corocoro grunt Western Atlantic 40 TL 1830
Parakuhlia macrophthalmus Dara Eastern Central Atlantic 20 TL 1893
Parapristipoma humile Guinean grunt Eastern Atlantic 37.5 TL 1825
Parapristipoma macrops Eastern Atlantic 40 1912
Parapristipoma octolineatum African striped grunt Eastern Atlantic 50 SL 1833
Parapristipoma trilineatum Chicken grunt Indo-West Pacific 40 SL 1793
Plectorhinchus albovittatus Two-striped sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 100 SL 1838
Plectorhinchus caeruleonothus Blue bastard Southwest Pacific 100 TL 2015
Plectorhinchus ceylonensis Sri Lanka sweetlips Indian Ocean 44 TL 1956
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides Harlequin sweetlips Indo_West Pacific 72 TL 1801
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia Yellow-striped sweetlips Western Pacific 41 SL 1855
Plectorhinchus chubbi Dusky rubberlip Indo-West Pacific 75 TL 1919
Plectorhinchus cinctus Crescent sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1843
Plectorhinchus diagrammus Striped sweetlips Western Pacific 40 TL 1758
Plectorhinchus faetela Western Indian Ocean 1775
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus Lemonfish Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1830
Plectorhinchus gaterinus Blackspotted rubberlip Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1775
Plectorhinchus gibbosus Harry hotlips Indo-West Pacific 75 TL 1802
Plectorhinchus lessonii Lesson's thicklip Western Pacific 40 TL 1830
Plectorhinchus lineatus Yellowbanded sweetlips Western Pacific 72 TL 1758
Plectorhinchus macrolepis Biglip grunt Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1899
Plectorhinchus macrospilus Largespot sweetlips Eastern Indian Ocean 28.5 SL 2000
Plectorhinchus mediterraneus Rubberlip grunt Eastern Atlantic 80 SL 1850
Plectorhinchus multivittatus Many-lined sweetlips Western Pacific 50 TL 1878
Plectorhinchus obscurus Giant sweetlips Indo-Pacific 100 TL 1872
Plectorhinchus paulayi Zebra sweetlip Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1895
Plectorhinchus pictus Trout sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 83 TL 1936
Plectorhinchus picus Painted sweetlip Indo-Pacific 84 TL 1828
Plectorhinchus plagiodesmus Barred rubberlip Western Indian Ocean 90 TL 1935
Plectorhinchus playfairi Whitebarred rubberlip Western Indian Ocean 90 TL 1914
Plectorhinchus polytaenia Ribboned sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 50 TL 1853
Plectorhinchus schotaf Minstrel sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 80 TL 1775
Plectorhinchus sordidus Sordid rubberlip Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 1870
Plectorhinchus umbrinus Western Indian Ocean 1870
Plectorhinchus vittatus Indian Ocean oriental sweetlips Indo-West Pacific 72 SL 1758
Pomadasys aheneus Yellowback grunt Western Indian Ocean 27 TL 1995
Pomadasys andamanensis Eastern Indian Ocean 15.4 TL 1994
Pomadasys argenteus Silver grunt Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1775
Pomadasys argyreus Bluecheek silver grunt Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1833
Pomadasys auritus Longhead grunt Western Pacific 52 TL 1830
Pomadasys bayanus Purplemouth grunt Central and South America 51 TL 1898
Pomadasys bipunctatus Southeast Pacific 1898
Pomadasys branickii Sand grunt Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1879
Pomadasys commersonnii Smallspotted grunter Western Indian Ocean 80 TL 1801
Pomadasys crocro Burro grunt Western Atlantic 38 TL 1830
Pomadasys empherus Bigspine grunt Eastern Central Pacific 21 TL 1993
Pomadasys furcatus Banded grunter Indo-West Pacific 50 FL 1801
Pomadasys guoraca Indo-Pacific 46 TL 1829
Pomadasys incisus Bastard grunt Eastern Atlantic 53.5 TL 1825
Pomadasys jubelini Sompat grunt Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1830
Pomadasys kaakan Javelin grunter Indo-West Pacific 80 TL 1830
Pomadasys laurentino Manylined grunter Western Indian Ocean 18 TL 1953
Pomadasys macracanthus Longspine grunt Eastern Pacific 37 TL 1864
Pomadasys maculatus Saddle grunt Indo-West Pacific 59.3 TL 1793
Pomadasys multimaculatus Cock grunter Indian Ocean 76 TL 1867
Pomadasys olivaceus Olive grunt Southeast Atlantic 55 TL 1875
Pomadasys panamensis Panama grunt Eastern Pacific 39 TL 1876
Pomadasys perotaei Parrot grunt Eastern Atlantic 36 TL 1830
Pomadasys punctulatus Lined grunt Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1838
Pomadasys quadrilineatus Yellow-lined grunter Northwest Pacific 12.3 SL 1984
Pomadasys ramosus Western Atlantic 35 TL 1860
Pomadasys rogerii Pigsnout grunt Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1830
Pomadasys schyrii Southeast Pacific 1900
Pomadasys striatus Striped grunter Western Indian Ocean 22 TL 1908
Pomadasys stridens Striped piggy Indian Ocean 20 TL 1775
Pomadasys suillus Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1833
Pomadasys taeniatus Bronzestriped grunt Western Indian Ocean 25 TL 1995
Pomadasys trifasciatus Black-ear javelin Western Pacific 1937
Pomadasys unimaculatus Red patched grunter Western Pacific 19 SL 1982
Xenichthys agassizii Southeast Pacific 20 TL 1876
Xenichthys rupestris Southeast Pacific 1946
Xenichthys xanti Longfin salema Eastern Pacific 24 TL 1863
Xenistius peruanus Southeast Pacific 1946
Xenocys jessiae Southeast Pacific 30 TL 1890

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