Ecology of Harpagifer georgianus
Main Ref. Hureau, J.-C., 1990
Marine - Neritic
  • supra-littoral zone
  • littoral zone
  • sublittoral zone
Marine - Oceanic
  • epipelagic
  • mesopelagic
  • epipelagic
  • abyssopelagic
  • hadopelagic
  • estuaries/lagoons/brackish seas
  • mangroves
  • marshes/swamps
  • rivers/streams
  • lakes/ponds
  • caves
  • exclusively in caves
Highighted items on the list are where Harpagifer georgianus may be found.
Remarks Mainly littoral but has been reported to occur as deep as 90 m. Fishes seen lying motionless on the bottom most of the time. Major food item: amphipods. Also important food are isopods and polychaetes (Ref. 5191). Feed on small crustaceans and common in littoral of all sub-Antarctic islands (Ref. 42041).


Substrate Ref.
Special habitats